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A store specializing in unusual, hard to find photographic items at fair prices.

PHONE in Southern California 562.698.0089
Want to send me a note? My email is and so far it's been good there's been very little "spam".
About Photographers Space And Mike Ryan 

Hi, I'm Mike Ryan and I've been buying and selling used photographic equipment for well over 30 years. It all started when my college photo instructor loaned me his Rolleiflex for the weekend. I loved the big negatives and wanted one for myself, but I did not have enough money to buy one. What I did have was plenty of time and some money I could use for a short time. Not long after that weekend I found a camera collection which included a twin lens Rollei like my instructors. I bought the collection, sold the other cameras and kept the Rollei for myself and was soon on my way to being a collector and sometimes dealer. I had a store in Whittier, California for over 12 years. I've had my web site since November 1996.

Would you like your own B & W Darkroom?
I can sell all you need for much less than you thought.

A few web sites I spend time on when needed.
Web sites I have a special interest in.
NAXJA for owners of Jeep Cherokees (I have two many. .)
Our daughter, the Professors' website 
Just to prove that Christians might have a lighter side.
and husband Cameron
Urban Legend or ?? (don't pass it on check it out first)
Our church's site (to keep things in the proper perspective)
Mount Wilson Observatory Virtual Tour & History
Mount Wilson & Opids Camp negatives I found.

Hey Mike info. page! Ever wonder what Mike looks like?.. Want a Graflex 3 cell flash? Plus more opinions and comments.

About You, The Photographer.
You have a love of photography and would like to save money on all things photographic.
Or You're a long time photographer that needs some odd little item to complete or fix that old piece of equipment.
You could be a collector of cameras or some other area of photographic interest, including;
Books, Photographs, Non-camera items, or even Non-photographic items that look like cameras.
Maybe you would like a DARKROOM and have been amazed by the cost of new equipment.
Photographers Space Is For All Of You!

Much more information about Buying, Selling and equipment Grading is continued on THIS page.

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Photographers Space

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The store is gone but my phone is usually on,

Monday ~ Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Pacific time

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