This is a photo of Mount Wilson Observatory or Opids Camp, California made from an original 5x7 inch glass or film negative between 1912 and 1930. If you have more information about this or any of the others I have, please go to this page and send me a note.
Thanks, Mike Ryan

Lifting a power line to clear the 100 inch mirror and backing into the dome.
The power line is visible on the negative and with a bit of work in the darkroom it would show on the print.

"This is July 1, 1917. Everyone was in an especially patriotic mood because of WWI and flags were everywhere. The truck was followed by a procession including newsreel cameras. Disaster nearly struck as the truck rounded Mt. Harvard when the roadway gave way just 1/4 mile from the top." M.S. note.
These photos were made on 5 x 7 inch Glass Plate negatives leading me to believe that the photographer worked on the mountain.

Backing up to the new dome. I'm sure if I looked at enough photos taken this day I could find a photo of the person who took all of these Mt. Wilson and Opids Camp photos.
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