This is a photo of Mount Wilson Observatory or Opids Camp, California made from an original 5x7 inch glass or film negative between 1912 and 1930. If you have more information about this or any of the others I have, please go to this page and send me a note.
Thanks, Mike Ryan

"AIRVIEW MT. WILSON OBSERVATORY" photo. And below a view of the "new" 100 inch dome taken from the walkway.

"This is after the dome for the 100-inch telescope was completed (largest dome in the photo) so it's at least 1917. It can probably be dated pretty closely on close inspection. The view is from the southeast." (M.S. note)

"Taken, I'm pretty sure, by Fairchild Aerial Survey and the photographer might have been Edison Hoge, Wendell's son. Edison is Virginia Hoge's grandfather and worked for Fairchild and later at Wilson as a photographer and solar observer. (D.N. note)



I took a photo of this walkway about 30 years ago and the view hadn't changed much except for the trees.

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