This is a photo of Mount Wilson Observatory or Opids Camp, California made from an original 5x7 inch glass or film negative between 1912 and 1930. If you have more information about this or any of the others I have, please go to this page and send me a note. Thanks, Mike Ryan

Photo of cabin "taken with Wide Angle lens" per note on negative envelope.
The black 'rope and sign' across the bottom of the image are not really there. Originally there was a tape label on the emulsion side of the negative that has come off letting light come through.

"The structure in the left background is the 'Casino' at Mount Wilson built by the Hotel Co. and is not the storied "Casino" used by Hale in 1903. The house itself is larger than the cabins which were rented by Hotel guests. It may well have been a residence for a member of the Hotel staff and family." (D.N. note)

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