This is a photo taken on the Mount Wilson Toll Road from an original 5x7 inch glass plate negative in July 1917. If you have more information about this or any of the others I have, please go to this page and send me a note. Thanks, Mike Ryan

Taking the 100 inch mirror up the mountian. Solid tired, chain drive MAC Truck. Look at the placement of the chain, the truck was geared very low.

"July 1, 1917. Along with solid rubber tires the Mac truck featured wooden spoked wheels and a chain drive. It was a huge improvement over just a few years earlier, though.
The first automobile on Mt. Wilson was a new 1907 Franklin but it was several more years before animal power was replaced by autos. The first telescopes and building materials were taken up by animal power beginning in 1904. At that time it took two days for a load to make it up the 9-1/2 mile trail. By 1917 it was two hours.
This truck is one of two such trucks owned at the time, I believe. The other truck made an unscheduled off-road descent with the assistant director as a passenger. He jumped off and the driver rode it down into a canyon, jumping off just before it overturned. It was loaded with other important equipment and was a total loss. People have looked for it in recent years but it hasn't been found." (M.S. note.)


I REALLY hope they didn't need to stop and back up to make it around this corner, looks scary to me! #########

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