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About You, The Photographer.
You have a love of photography and would like to save money on all things photographic. You don't mind a minor blemish on the equipment you use. Or You're a long time photographer that needs some odd little item to complete or fix that old piece of equipment. You could be a collector of cameras or some other area of photographic interest, including; Books, Photographs, Non-camera items, or even Non-photographic items that look like cameras. Maybe you would like a DARKROOM and have been amazed by the cost of new equipment.
Photographers Space Is For All Of You!

I sell used photo equipment of all types at fair prices. I specialize in unusual and hard to find items. I want to help and will do all I can to find out what you need. If I can't help I'll let you know and not try to sell you something unnecessary. 

If you like what you see and read, please tell your friends about Photographers Space.

All About Buying from Photographers Space

Most of my sales are now on Ebay where I sell as "Photospace"
eBay sales terms and conditions are listed with my auctions.

First, I want you to be satisfied with your purchase. All items are sold with a 7 day ( or until you drop it,- whichever comes first ) satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day mechanical guarantee (except items sold as-is). Prices do not include shipping, however, the shipping charge will be reasonable and agreed upon before shipping.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Personal checks are OK but they will be held until they clear. Please make out Money Orders or checks to: "Mike Ryan".
I now use PayPal for online and credit card payments.

Not responsible for cash sent through the mail!
Items held 7 days from date of email or phone call pending receipt of payment. 

If you have any questions call me at; (562) 698-0089

Sell Me Your Stuff

Before I can sell I must first buy. If you are ready to move on to new or different equipment, or if you inherited photo equipment that you have no use for and would like to dispose of, I would like the opportunity to purchase your old equipment. So clean out the closet, let me know about your old set-up gathering dust in the corner, check the bookshelf, find that shoe box full of old lenses.

Email me a list, close-up photos or give me a call. I will try my best to give a fair value, subject to inspection. I normally pay around 50-65% of selling price, more for high demand items, less for things that will probably sit for awhile. I need your repeat business and I want you to tell others about Photographers Space, so I will try to be fair and will be honest with you.
Email to:

Thank You! Mike Ryan, Owner "Photographers Space"~"PhotoSpace"~"MikesPhotospace"

I like this grading system and will be happy to use it when talking about buying and selling photo equipment.
Grading Standards

Old and rare photographic equipment is rated the same as newer equipment.
Personal opinions such as "Great shape for it's age" does not make an item better than it is.

Cosmetic condition

10 ~LNiB (Like New in Box). Never used. Same as new, but no current manufacturer's warranty. Includes box or original packaging.

9++ ~No signs of wear. If it had a box, you wouldn't be able to tell it from new.

9+~Get out the magnifying glass, someone may have used it.

9 ~Very minimal signs of wear, good usable equipment. Any defects will be noted.

8+ ~Signs of light use, but not misuse, defects noted.

8 ~Complete and showing signs of normal use, other than minor defects noted.

7 ~Complete showing signs of heavy use. Well used but still very usable.

6 ~Restorable, some refinishing may be necessary. Minor parts may be broken or missing if noted.

5 ~Restorable, refinishing may be required. Missing some parts as noted.

0 ~For parts only, or major restoration if a rare camera.

Functional condition:

A ~Everything functioning. Recently professionally cleaned, lubricated, over-hauled.

B ~Everything functioning. Major functions have recently been tested.

C ~Fully functioning but not recently cleaned, lubed or over-hauled. Accuracy of shutter or meter not guaranteed.

D ~Shutter speeds and/or meter working but may not be accurate. Needs adjusting or cleaning.

E ~Usable but not fully. Shutter may stick on slow speeds. Meter may not work.

F ~Not usable without repair or cleaning. Shutter or film advance may be stuck, jammed or broken, meter may be dead.

S ~Shelf camera, looks fine sitting there until a working one comes along. Probably not economically repairable unless rare and may be missing parts.

Using this system, an average camera would be rated as 8C. A camera rated as 9D would mean cosmetically showing minimal signs of wear, but with questionable accuracy of meter or shutter.

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